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FSB and idiot-geocacher, Crimea

November 9, 2016 reports -
Crimean border guards detained treasure hunter, who entered the border zone of the peninsula.
The essence of the incident: idiot-geocacher Veselov Denis Vladimirovich aka DisaV at night went to the section of the state border.
Veselov Denis tried to take the virtual cache "Perekopsky moat [VI / 647]".
Here's what DisaV writes in an Internet-notepad 11/05/2016 - "... I decided to walk along the entire Canal on the stretch from the North Crimean Canal to Sivash ...
... On the railway I heard voices, and noticed people who were looking for someone ... Naturally, I immediately assumed that they were frontier guards, and they were looking for me. .... I without hesitation gave a voice and went out to the people. Indeed, it turned out to be border guards - about 6 or 7 people with machine guns.".
The media write - "A 33-year-old man, a citizen of the Russian Federation, was detained on November 3 near the Turkish shaft. During the interrogation it turned out that he did not try to break into Ukraine, but participated in the online game "Geocaching".

The press service of the Frontier Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Crimea informs that the incident occurred on November 3. Late in the evening, in the field of view of the border guards in the area of the Turkish shaft, which in the immediate vicinity of the neighboring state, a man came who, with a confident step, approached the border line. A few minutes after the detention, servicemen brought a "night wanderer" to the office to find out the circumstances and reasons for unauthorized presence in the border zone.
Per violation of the border regime, a participant in a night walk was brought to administrative responsibility, for the first time in the form of a warning.
Border guards are polite people.
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