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geocaching - problems with the police

GCKD7F Traditional Cache CoinCache
Montreal, Quebec. September 1, 2004. This cache was confiscated when geocachers were detected by surveillance cameras and confronted by police after finding the cache on a bridge.

GCJ19Z Multi-cache BBadMonkey's Lake Mayer Cache
Savannah, Georgia. May 24, 2004. This ammo can in a community park was blasted with a water cannon and confiscated by the bomb squad ahead of the G8 Summit.
GCMJ5D Traditional Cache "I"t's NOT a bomb!
San Luis Obispo, California. April 2, 2005. This film canister micro, formerly known as "I"t Might Be Open, was found on a gate by rangers. They thought it might be a booby trap and called authorities. A deputy sheriff responded to the scene and shot the cache.

GCR9H3 Traditional Cache "The Sting"
Provo, Utah. November 11, 2005. This cache hidden near a police station was blown up by the bomb squad just one day after it was hidden when a geocacher was spotted rehiding the cache.

GCR2AQ Traditional Cache Amazon Creek Bike Path
Eugene, Oregon. December 20, 2005. This small cache hidden near a bike trail was discovered by maintenance workers who thought it suspicious but an alert member of the bomb squad that responded to the scene was familiar with geocaching and quickly determined that the cache was not a threat.

GCND4W Unknown Cache #5 Oak Park Sculpture Series
Oak Park, Illinois. May 29, 2005. This camoflaged PVC pipe container approximately 12 inches long disappeared from its hiding spot. It turned up 8 months later near a neighborhood library where it was discovered by a maintenance worker who contacted the police. The bomb squad responded but they stopped short of blowing up the cache upon seeing that the container was clearly labeled. The cache owner was contacted by police and the contents returned but they refused to release the container.

GCNG1V Multi-cache Abby and Xena
Downers Grove, Illinois. April 12, 2006. This "bottle with rope wick extending from the top and putty substance at the base of the wick" was found by a muggle and reported to police. The bomb squad responed and "detonated the device".

GCQZ48 Traditional Cache BCTC-Monroe Historical Society
Monroe, Ohio. August 23, 2006. The bomb squad was called, fire crews were brought in, and 10 homes were evacuated after geocachers were spotted leaving a suspicious container wrapped in camo tape in the bushes outside a historical society museum. The cache was x-rayed by the bomb squad and removed after it was determined to be harmless. It was later returned to its hiding spot.

GCD531 Multi-cache Bird Cage
Bellevue, Washington. July 7, 2004. This ammo can was found by a muggle who thought it suspicious and reported it to police. It was blown open by the bomb squad who left a note apologizing for damage to the container.

GCKR1P Unknown Cache Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble
Erie, Pennsylvania. November 6, 2004. The bomb squad blew up this large ammo can hidden near a police station.

GCF165 Traditional Cache Butcher Hill - Vacman's Cache #3
Palos Verdes Estates, California. July 27, 2003. This cache was confiscated by police and returned to owner with a warning that he would be cited for littering if they found another one.

GCA56F Traditional Cache Caching Toddler, Hidden Tupperware
Cleveland Heights, Ohio. March 24, 2003. This cache near a walking path was reported to authorities after a geocacher was seen rehiding the ammo can. The bomb squad determined that it might be explosive because batteries were seen in x-ray images taken by the bomb squad robot. They blew up the lid off and confiscated the remains. The geocacher seen with the cache is contacted by the local police but no charges are filed.

GC12A28 Traditional Cache Catch A Shooting Star (Series) Part 1
May 24, 2007 - High Point, NC
(by Amy Dominello, News Record Staff Writer)
A customer saw a man in the drive-thru line attach a magnetic box to a sign outside the Starbucks at 3875 John Gordon Lane about 8:30 p.m. When the customer asked what the man was doing, he responded he was attaching a drive-thru traffic counter, said Alan Richardson, Starbucks' regional marketing manager for the Southeast.
The customer was suspicious and told employees, who called police, Richardson said.
The High Point Police Department responded, located the container and cordoned off the area for safety. The Greensboro Police Hazardous Devices Team was called in. The container was examined and Greensboro Police determined it contained no explosives.

GCND29 Traditional Cache Chicken Lips
Edmond, Oklahoma. April 14, 2006. This paint ball tube wrapped in camoflage tape was found accidentally by a muggle who reported it to police. It was perceived to be a threat becuase it was hidden near a church and school. The bomb squad responded to the scene and exploded the cache.

GCTE9K Traditional Cache Christmas City T. B. Lodge – Reservations Required
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. February 14, 2006. A road worker saw a geocacher acting suspiciously near an Interstate Highway and found this ammo can with a combination lock hidden at the spot. The bomb squad was called in and the cache was exploded.

GCNGKE Traditional Cache COG Series #3: Levis-Pedis Secutus
Orillia, Ontario. May 7, 2006. Muggles found this cache by accident and delivered it to a nearby police station. Police thought that the PVC container wrapped in camo tape might be explosive so the area was evacuated for about four hours while the bomb squad investigated.

GC7CE Traditional Cache cotton pick'n cache
Ovilla, Texas. October 4, 2002. The Dallas bomb squad and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms blew up this cache resembling a pipe bomb that was chained to a tree in a community park.

GCF35 Traditional Cache DAM CACHE II
Havre de Grace, Maryland. February 28, 2002. An ammo can hidden near abandoned railroad track was blown up by the bomb squad after it was discovered by a hiker and reported to authorities. Geocaching was subsequently banned from Maryland State Parks until a policy was established to
regulate it.

GC10Q31 Traditional Cache Deliverys in the Back
Portsmouth, New Hampshire. February 4, 2007. Police were called in to investigate after a geocacher was observed placing this altoids tin wrapped in duct tape on an electrical box behind a supermarket. The cache
owner is contacted by police and asked to turn himself in to face possible charges.

GCRGJV Traditional Cache Don't be a horses A@# II
Sherman, Texas. November 10, 2006. This magnetic micro stuck on a horse sculpture near a bank caused a bomb scare when a geocacher was seen returning it to its hiding spot by a bank employee. Police, Fire Crews, and the bomb squad responded to the scene.

GC2374 Traditional Cache end of road
Ashville, North Carolina. July 12, 2003. A geocacher reported that national forest rangers found the geocache and called in the bomb squad to destroy it.

GCGEB0 Unknown Cache Farewell Tour
Ottawa, Ontario. May 2, 2004. This cache was found by someone who took it home and put it into his trash. He contacted the authorities about the find and they sent the bomb squad to destroy it and the rest of his trash with a water cannon.

GCHKKA Traditional Cache Founders cache
Irving, Texas. January 19, 2005. Investigators searching murder scene accidentally found this ammo can secured to the root of a hollow tree. The bomb squad responded and blew open the container with a pan disrupter.

GCKGE3 Traditional Cache GAG 5 - Gnome's Lookout
Ottawa, Ontario. November 14, 2004. This ammo can suspended from a miniture handmade lookout tower manned by a garden gnome was mistaken for a bomb intended to lure children. The NCC (National Capitol Commission) security responded to the scene and ascertained that the cache was harmless but police who were called to the scene the following day confiscated the cache and its guardian gnome. These items were ultimately returned to the cache owner who recycled them into another cache.

GC5350 Virtual Cache GEO-COURT
Weed, California. May 3, 2002. This virtual cache was established to document the fate of the geocacher that hid "Tunnelvision 1909". Hillwilly pleaded no contest to trespassing on railroad property and vandalism. He received one year probation, one year suspension of drivers license, and had to pay $2030 restitution for various expenses related to the bomb squad and closures of the highway and railroad.

GC116YA Traditional Cache Get In, Get Out - Covina
AZUSA, CA - Mar. 10, 2007
An In-N-Out employee called the sheriff's department after seeing a car drive up, leave the metal canister on the ground and drive away. Officials from the Los Angeles County Sheriff Arson and Explosives Detail evacuated the restaurant and nearby houses as a precaution. They then announced the 2-inch long cylinder was harmless. The incident lasted about two hours.

GCMRGE Traditional Cache Gettysbridge 1 - The Singing Bridge
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. June 2, 2005. An ammo can hidden on a bridge was found by a bridge inspector and reported to police who closed the bridge and called in a state police bomb squad. The situation was diffused by a passing geocacher who was able to positively identify the cache. The cache was confiscated by police and later returned to the owner.

GCH94F Traditional Cache Gibbstown Geocache
Gibbstown, New Jersey. March 27, 2004. A cache with a trip wire rigged to set off an electronic alarm clock was discovered accidentally by a muggle and reported to police. The police, four fire trucks, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms responded to the scene and were on the site for 3 hours. Police confiscated the cache after bomb squad technicians were able to determine that the cache was not explosive.

GCTJFQ Traditional Cache gnarley cache
Sacramento, California. February 28, 2006. Neighbors observed people behaving suspiciously around a storm drain and found the cache duct-taped to the top of a culvert. The street was closed for an hour during rush-hour traffic while the bomb squad investigated. They hosed down the cache with a robotic water cannon.

GC41DB Traditional Cache Gone but not forgotten
Anderson, Indiana. August 17, 2006. This PVC pipe covered with camo tape was spotted by a cemetery caretaker and reported to authorities. The bomb squad technician that responded to the scene identified it as a geocache and took it away.

GC4D38 Traditional Cache Grand Central Station
Los Angeles, California. November 1, 2004. Police spotted a geocacher walking away from this cache near the Los Angeles International Airport and detained him for four hours while the Airport Police and FBI investigated the matter. He was released from custody with the cache on the condition that it not be returned to the spot where it was found or anywhere else near the airport.

GCM96R Traditional Cache graveyard#8
Atascadero, CA - May 4, 2007
An Atascadero District Cemetery employee reported a suspicious object in the crook of a tree Tuesday morning to the Atascadero Police Department. The object was in a tree up an embankment 12 feet in the air. It was determined it could possibly be a pipe bomb and the County Bomb Squad was called in from San Luis Obispo. One officer, Mulhall said, had dealt with a game called geocaching and thought that what was believed to be a bomb was a geocache.
While Mulhall noted that geocaching is harmless, he said the problem is that the one found Tuesday looked like a pipe bomb and the bomb squad was called in. From a public safety standpoint, we don’t really want to involve ourselves in their game because it’s harmless.”

GCQJDH Multi-cache GSI: Riverside
Riverside, California. September 18, 2005. Two cachers looking for a cache with a blacklight at night in a suburban park are questioned by police and asked to leave and not return.

GCQM51 Traditional Cache Hang 'Em High-1968
Monterey, California. December 18, 2006. This 3-inch PVC pipe wrapped in camoflage tape was blown up by a bomb squad robot after it was found by a road crew.

GCGRYX Traditional Cache Happy B-day JoAnn
Ellensburg, WA September 24, 2003
By ANDREA PASCOE (Daily Record): "Authorities on Wednesday feared they had a bomb after a farmer found a white plastic tube capped at both ends Tuesday evening near a small tunnel under Interstate 90 outside of Ellensburg... A U.S. Army bomb squad was called in from the Yakima Training Center to determine whether the tube was explosive...Local law enforcement agencies were incensed by the find as they wasted more than three hours blocking entry to the small tunnel...Using a portable X-ray unit, soldiers could make out shapes inside the cylinder. Ironically one resembled a toy soldier, the other a spiral notebook and bits of wire. Using a piece of rope gingerly tied to the tube, one soldier gently pulled the device to the ground to see if it would explode. It did not."

GCNH23 Traditional Cache Harbor Rocks
Harbor Springs, Michigan. May 24, 2005. A group of people skipping stones discovered this 1.5 inch diameter pipe wrapped in camo tape and thought it suspicious. The police cordoned off the area and called in the bomb squad but the cache owner arrived on the scene in time to explain the situation.

GCRPKV Traditional Cache Hello...Welcome to Mugglemart
Lawrenceburg, Indiana. December 31, 2005. The cache owner encouraged geocachers to hunt this cache near an employee entrance to a Wal-Mart even after the police chased some people away. Wal-Mart security subsequently requests that the listing be removed after confronting other geocachers looking for the cache.
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